Defeat The Drama!
Drama Zaps Energy, Steals Focus and Stands In The Way Of Achieving Your Dreams!
Drama Zaps Energy, Steals Focus & Can Stand In The Way Of Achieving Your Dreams!
Let Kirsten Help You Defeat The Drama!

Defeat The Drama!
Drama Zaps Energy, Steals Focus and Stands In The Way Of Achieving Your Dreams!
About Kirsten
Is drama zapping your energy and shifting focus?  Kirsten is known by many as the Drama Free Queen! For more than 30 years, Kirsten E. Ross, MLIR, SPHR, has worked with individuals and leaders in privately held companies, family businesses and non-profits to generate a clear direction, defeat drama and improve productivity and service. Her workshops and keynote addresses are rich with proven strategies that can be implemented immediately to ignite change in work and life. Her fun and high-energy style has received rave reviews from participants who often marvel at her ability to simplify complex concepts.  She is also adept at injecting stories to increase motivation and anchor learning.

She is the Author of leadership books, Defeat the Drama: Strategies to Get Your Team Fueled, Focused and Fired up for Great Service and From People Problems to Productivity: the Health Professionals Guide to Leading Well and several on more personal topics (more info below). She has been featured as an expert for media such as: NBC Nightly News, Fox 2 News, National Public Radio and for publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Working Mother Magazine, and Crains.

Kirsten is CEO of Focus Forward Coaching, LLC, a leading coaching and culture correction firm. Her education and experience include a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management, Senior Human Resource Certification, the Coach Training Alliance curriculum and more than 25 years of hands-on Human Resource support.
Kirsten Speaking Highlights
Have you ever calculated how much drama is costing your business?
Perhaps you feel that your business is drama-free........
Whether you call it drama or not, my guess is, you've got it!  
And, I guarantee it is costing you more than you realize!
Any of these sound familiar?

• You can't get your team to do what you need.

• Employee bickering and backstabbing zaps your energy daily.

• You love what you do but dream about quitting to avoid dealing with your team.

• You often hear, "No one told me", "It's not my fault" or, "That's not my job".

• You experience far too many customer complaints.

• Chaos and emergencies consume too much of your time.
Igniting change requires motivation. 
 Care to do a little calculating? 
Here's a fun illustration to get your wheels turning & your desire for change firing
Don't worry....I'll be right here to help you Defeat that Drama!  
Kirsten teaches targeted strategies that help leaders generate a clear direction, defeat employee drama, and focus their teams on productivity and great service. Her workshops and keynote addresses are rich with proven strategies that can be implemented immediately.  Choose from her list of popular topics or schedule a time to discuss your team struggles or desired outcomes for an event. She can design a customized program to meet your needs.
Team & Culture Leadership Topics 
• Defeat the Drama, Delight Your Customer and Improve Your Bottom Line

• Bust the 4 D’s of Discipline Avoidance: Reclaim Your Power and Transform Your Team

• Getting Your Team to Do What You Need

• Do it Before the Deadline: Strategies to Achieve the Seemingly Impossible

• Delight Your Customers! Proven Strategies to Ignite a Team that Wows!
Individual Leadership Skills Topics 
"Leader of one, leader of many.  If you can't lead one you can't lead any." Anonymous

Find Your Fuel for a Life on Fire!

• Conquer Your Fears & Create a Life as Large as You Want

• Thriving in Life's Plan B

• Leading in a Home Alone: Single Mom Success Strategies

• Ban the Barriers You Can Control
Defeat the Drama: Strategies To Get Your Team Fueled, Focused And Fired Up For Great Service!
Drama in the workplace comes in many forms, and most of us recognize it when we see it: feuding co-workers, employees who bring life issues to work, inconsistent expectations among departments, top performers resenting colleagues who skate by. Author and expert coach Kirsten Ross uses the term drama broadly to describe anything that shifts an employee’s focus away from where it should be, on your customers and business mission. As a leader, you can create a culture that is aligned with your mission and free of drama. Defeat the Drama! empowers you to do exactly that, with practical, inspiring steps to build a mission-focused team. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, and create a service-oriented culture, Defeat the Drama! is the dynamic, supportive tool you’ve been looking for. 

“Kirsten’s ability to clearly and quickly identify roadblocks to success…has made a powerful difference for McKinley. She is an expert at guiding leaders through the most difficult and pervasive challenges.” ~ Karen Andrews, Chief Administrative Officer, McKinley and Assoc., Inc.
Jim Rohn said, “We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with.” I agree!  However, I think it’s more complicated than that. The reality is that, even when we are very intentional about picking those few that we plan to achieve with, will lift us higher and inspire us, we often still have some lingering relationships from our past that can tear us down, cause grief, and carry baggage.  Too often we tuck these relationships aside and work to believe that they aren’t impacting our lives in any way. But the truth is, unresolved stuff does impact us. It can spring up with emotions unexpectedly, eek into healthy relationships, sit in our bodies to create discomforts, and shift our attention away from our goals. 

Or, we focus on serving others, but fail to set boundaries and, unwittingly, end up with a collection of people who take us for granted, demand more than we can reasonably give, and take more than they provide. 

If we are honest with ourselves, these relationships can and DO zap our energy, steal our joy, drum up false beliefs about ourselves, shift our focus and, yes, even sometimes, stand in the way of achieving our dreams.  In a word, they ignite drama!   We are all worthy of beautiful, healthy relationships that uplift, inspire and energize us.

Whether they are professional, familial, friendship, or romantic, we have a say in who gets access to our time and talents and what that access looks like........But, do we exercise that right? It can be tough, but often there is a simple remedy with a powerful impact.

Schedule Kirsten for your event and she will walk participants through her powerful Relationship Renovation Roadmap, a step-by-step process that simplifies the exercise of  evaluating relationships and designing remedies that are often easier than anticipated.

Or, choose from one of Kirsten's other popular relationship topics.  They can be modified for a focus on professional OR personal relationships.
Relationship Topics 

• Assertive Communication: The Key to Personal Power and Healthy Relationships

• Boundaries: The Key to Living Life on Your Terms

• The 5 C's of Networking to Connect

• Ignite the Power of Clarifying Conversations

• The 5 P's of Dating Towards Commitment 
For Those Struggling with Dating Relationships: 
To Love And Be Cherished: The Ultimate Guide To Finding 
True Love With A Real Man

Why does dating have to be so painful? You yearn for that one true love but cannot find him. Are all the good ones taken?
You open your heart to someone, expecting to be loved and cherished forever.  

Instead, you find yourself in unhealthy relationships, feeling dejected and devalued.  

And you’re left wondering…

“Why do I keep picking the WRONG guys?”
“Is there something wrong with me?”
“Am I expecting too much?”
You ARE valuable and worthy of great love!

Inside, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to planning, preparing, and finding that forever someone.  

This book provides the formula to seek healthy relationships, so you can enter the dating world with:

• A belief that, “I don’t need to validate my worth through dating or a man.”
• An unwavering foundation of “I am already loved.” 
• Biblical principles attached to practical real world realities.
• A heart that zings for the right kind of man and a commitment to looking for “the” one...and accepting nothing less.

Kirsten E. Vogel openly admits that she has made many dating mistakes over the years. The end of her abusive marriage left her committed to healing and yearning for true love and partnership.

After working through her hurts and dating as a single mom she is now gloriously and happily married to Eric and feels like one of the luckiest women in the world. Her mission is for every woman to experience the kind of love she shares.  

Through her work As CEO of Focus Forward Coaching, LLC and also her volunteer endeavors, Kirsten has had the privilege of supporting many individuals through their relationship challenges.   

Kirsten has a demonstrated deep understanding of the dynamics of people and has devoted  years to helping so many maneuver through difficult times and challenging relationships. She never anticipated the heartbreaking twist her own life would take. In 2016, she picked her son up from college as a seemingly successful freshman and exactly one week later, on
December 22nd, was checking her drug addicted teen into rehab. It’s a journey shared by many but often maneuvered in silence, isolation and shame. It was the most devastating, scary, overwhelming, anxiety-inducing, shocking, isolating time of her life. She was quoted as saying, “There are steeper mountains. This one has been mine.”
Per her recovering son’s request, Kirsten now speaks
to Loved One Groups and Recovery Professionals to: 
Share strategies and hope for loved ones of addicts.

• Help remove the stigma of this terrible disease.

• Advocate for more structured loved one participation in recovery.
Topics for Recovery Professionals
Outsmarting Stigma to Strengthen Positive Loved One Participation

Whether for better or worse, loved ones will play a role in early or long-term recovery. Few have prepared for a life that includes a loved one’s addiction. Thus, many are maneuvering a large learning curve in a time of crisis.

And yet, stigma has inspired a design of treatment that can leave well-meaning loved ones on the outside of recovery activities and lacking in even general information. We must outsmart stigma so that well-intentioned loved ones can be armed with information that will give them a fighting chance at finding the very fine line of loving support.

In this program Kirsten shares what she experienced as a loved one during her son’s early recovery along with some strategies for providers to help overcome the stigma than can stand in the way of providing best care even when intentions are good.

She’s not a recovery professional, she’s just a mom who worked to do her best through a really tough time and is still learning. However, it is this personal experience combined with her training and individual strengths that allows her to deliver a profoundly unique and moving message.
Learning Objectives:
Describe how stigma has minimized structured loved one participation in recovery, even when unintended.

• Demonstrate welcoming words and behaviors in interactions with well-intended loved ones.

• Analyze current recovery models to determine where structured loved one participation can be enhanced.

Topics For Loved Ones 
Kirsten shares the heart-wrenching story of her first year as a recovering addict’s mom. From the shock, fear, uncertainty and isolation to hope. Learn strategies that moved her towards that fine line of loving support that sits between enabling and abandonment, and some mindset adjustments that helped her maintain at least some sanity. In a very personal and vulnerable way she also answers questions posed by those seeking guidance. She’s not a professional, she’s just a mom who worked to do her best through a really tough time and is still learning.

Kirsten will modify her programs to meet your needs. She shares a shorter version for loved one groups with tight timeframes, can do 3 separates 45 minute talks to cover the full information in a series, or can provide all 3 sections in one longer program. All are participative and designed to offer time for questions and connection.
• In Sickness and In Silence: Our Story

• From Denial to Guilt to Loving Support & More: Navigating a Life We Never Thought Would Be

• Stigma, Silence, and Self Care: Holding on to Some Sanity

In Sickness and In Silence: The Trials and Triumphs of My First Year
as a Recovering Addict's Mom
I picked my son up from college as a seemingly successful freshman and exactly one week later, on December 22nd, I was checking my drug addicted teen into rehab. My baby boy. My pride. My talented, compassionate son, who has in him what it takes to be a gift to the world.  

It’s been the most devastating, scary, overwhelming, 
anxiety-inducing, shocking, isolating time of my life.

Living with constant uncertainty. I’d make a decision only to question the last while moving on to the next. Battling against the denial that crept in constantly with promises of comfort in this storm. Working to support him without taking over his recovery. My actions, my hyper-vigilance would not dictate the outcome. 

I had to release control where I never had it to begin with.

And this disease has a stigma that keeps us silent and isolated. The energy I’ve wasted to keep secret something I know should not be shameful but is.  
My wish and prayer is that, by reading this, others who love an addict can find hope, a feeling of belonging, and some useful strategies. Maybe, you’ll even feel inspired to share your story too.   

And, if you’ve never loved an addict, I hope you gain some insight, a new perspective and some strategies to tuck away……. in case. Chances are, I’m a lot like you.

Kirsten’s Book Bio
I’ve always been a positive, high energy person, who has encouraged others and shared advice. I’ve even made a profession out of it as a speaker, author and coach. I’ve designed a life around looking for the silver lining, fully aware that my reaction to life is what is in my control and that positive and grateful is the way to be. I have a history of overcoming adversity and remaining positive and focused in the process. However, this last year has taxed my ability to rally to that level. There are steeper mountains, and this one has been mine.  

"Kirsten is a very energetic, relatable, dynamic, and engaging speaker. She has a gift of being able to dynamically form the content of a presentation based on the audience's real time needs. The audience will leave the presentation with specific actionable steps that will help them to address and correct key issues they are experiencing in their environment. If you haven't seen Kirsten speak, sign up for her next event, you will not regret it."
~ Mike Kotsis

"Kirsten is a dynamic, creative leader & teacher who shows, in real world scenarios, how to deal with the drama. She is a remarkable resource. I highly recommend Kirsten's leadership series!"
~ Kevin Shell

"I applied two concepts I learned at Kirsten's workshop within 24 hours of attending - one related to coaching and discipline, and one related to goal setting and getting traction on strategic initiatives. Kirsten has a way of presenting simple step by step solutions that pave the way to resolve messy leadership, management and HR issues. And she has some great real life examples."
~ Stacy McCalpin

"Kirsten presented the topic with an excellent balance of big picture insight with detailed suggestions. I would highly recommend her services." 
~ Anne Figueroa

"Kirsten has an amazing knack for knowing what your group needs to hear and delivering a message that is both educational and motivational! She custom designs her coaching down to the very last detail so that everything she does in regards to you and/or your business is direct, relevant and with purpose." 
~ Jamie Shaver
Kirsten Ross
Kirsten Ross, MLIR, SPHR
"Leader of One, Leader of Many, If you Can't Lead One You Can't Lead Any."
~ Anonymous ~
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