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Drama Zaps Energy, Steals Focus and Stands In The Way Of Achieving Your Dreams!
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Kirsten's clients have team cultures aligned with business objectives 
and enjoy improved productivity, fewer service issues & higher profits.
Healthy Business - Healthy Relationships

For more than 30 years, Kirsten Ross Vogel, MHRLR, SPHR, has worked with driven business owners and leaders in privately held companies, family businesses and non-profits. Her workshops and keynote addresses are rich with proven strategies that can be implemented immediately to ignite change in work and life. Her fun and high-energy style has received rave reviews from participants who often marvel at her ability to simplify complex concepts.  She is also adept at injecting stories to add humor, increase motivation and anchor learning.

She is the Author of leadership books, Defeat Team Drama: The Step-by-Step Guide to 4X Productivity, Wow Customers and Improve Your Bottom Line  and From People Problems to Productivity: the Health Professionals Guide to Leading Well and several on more personal topics (more info below). She has been featured as an expert for media such as: NBC Nightly News, Fox 2 News, National Public Radio and for publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Working Mother Magazine, and Crains.

Kirsten is CEO of Focus Forward Coaching, LLC, a leading coaching and culture correction firm. Her education and experience include a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management, Senior Human Resource Certification, the Coach Training Alliance curriculum and more than 30 years of hands-on Human Resource support.
Kirsten Speaking Highlights
Why Team Culture is So Important
Ever calculated how much drama or a mis-aligned culture is costing your business?
Watch to learn. I guarantee it's costing you more than your mood!
But, no worries,  Kirsten is here to help!  
Choose from this sample list of Kirsten's popular topics or schedule a time to discuss your team struggles or desired outcomes for an event. 
She is happy to design a customized program to meet your needs. Click to Schedule
• Defeat the Drama, Delight Your Customer and Improve Your Bottom Line

• Bust the 5 D’s of Discipline Avoidance: Reclaim Your Power and Transform Your Team

• Getting Your Team to Do What You Need

• Do it Before the Deadline: Strategies to Achieve the Seemingly Impossible

• Delight Your Customers! Proven Strategies to Ignite a Team that Wows!
"Leader of one, leader of many.  If you can't lead one you can't lead any." Anonymous
Choose from this sample list of Kirsten's popular topics or schedule a time to discuss your team struggles or desired outcomes for an event. 
She is happy to design a customized program to meet your needs. Click to Schedule

Find Your Fuel for a Life on Fire!

• Release What's Weighing You Down - You Were Born to SOAR!

• Conquer Your Fears & Create a Life as Large as You Want

• Thriving in Life's Plan B
Choose from this sample list of Kirsten's popular topics or schedule a time to discuss your team struggles or desired outcomes for an event. 
She is happy to design a customized program to meet your needs. Click to Schedule

• Igniting Your Plan for a Successful Transition  

• 5 Key Questions that Light Your Path to Succession

• How to Design the Future of Your Family Business with Less Drama and Better Decisions

• Overcoming the Challenge of Difficult Dynamics in Your Family Business
Choose from this sample list of Kirsten's popular topics or schedule a time to discuss your team struggles or desired outcomes for an event. 
She is happy to design a customized program to meet your needs. Click to Schedule

• Assertive Communication: The Key to Personal Power and Healthy Relationships

• Boundaries: The Key to Living Life on Your Terms

• The 5 C's of Networking to Connect

• Ignite the Power of Clarifying Conversations

• 3 Keys to Resolving Conflict that's Weighing You Down

Kirsten's Books

Defeat Team Drama Now: The Step-by-Step Guide to 4X Productivity, Wow Customers & Improve Your Bottom Line
Tired of feeling that you’ll never get your team to do what you need? Frustrated with employee bickering and backstabbing and all those customer complaints? Today you have found the solution!

You Have the Power to Defeat Team Drama Now!
Team Drama comes in many forms. Author, Speaker and expert Family Business & Leadership Coach Kirsten Ross Vogel, uses the term drama broadly to describe anything that shifts an employee’s focus away from where it should be, on your customers and business mission. As a leader, you can create a culture that is aligned with your mission and free of drama. Defeat Team Drama! empowers you to do exactly that, with simple, actionable strategies, systems, communication hacks and mindset shifts. If you’re ready to 4X productivity, wow customers and improve your bottom Line, Defeat Team Drama Now! is the dynamic, step-by-step tool you’ve been looking for.

“Finding a great coach in the sea of coaches that are out there is a difficult task. Kirsten is one of those great ones. I cannot say enough about the wonderful work she has done with my clients. I get unsolicited rave reviews.”
~ Gino Wickman, Creator of The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) & Best Selling Author of “Traction”, “Rocket Fuel” and many more.

From People Problems to Productivity: The Health Professionals' Guide to Leading Well
Are you a health professional in a leadership role who’s lost the zest you once had for your work? Are employee challenges zapping your energy daily? Does the guilt rise within before any correction conversation? How often do you hide from your team rather than deal with more drama?

You are built for empathy and wired with a passion to heal. It might feel like the traits of great leadership are beyond your reach. The good news is that you can find a balance between your concern for others and team accountability. It is possible to lead well without guilt. And, oh the joys of a high performing team that can help you serve more with less burnout.

This book will help you re-ignite the fuel of passion and get your team focused on your important work. You can move from resigned, resentful and overwhelmed to focused, engaged and empowered. This step-by-step guide is the answer!

"Kirsten Ross is an answer to prayer. As the Medical Director of a nonprofit Pediatric Medical and Rehabilitation Program, there is a continual need to be not only a great physician, but a great organizational leader. The challenge of casting vision and "leading up" to hospital administrators, philanthropists, and societal leaders can be daunting. Kirsten's skill in unveiling the ’best me,’ allowing me to ‘lead from the platform,’ has me believing that I may just be able to take us there." Dr. Susan Youngs
For Those Struggling with Dating Relationships: 
To Love And Be Cherished: The Ultimate Guide To Finding 
True Love With A Real Man

Why does dating have to be so painful? You yearn for that one true love but cannot find him.
Are all the good ones taken?
You open your heart to someone, expecting to be loved and cherished forever.  

Instead, you find yourself in unhealthy relationships, feeling dejected and devalued.  

And you’re left wondering…

“Why do I keep picking the WRONG guys?”
“Is there something wrong with me?”
“Am I expecting too much?”
You ARE valuable and worthy of great love!

Inside, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to planning, preparing, and finding that forever someone.  

This book provides the formula to seek healthy relationships, so you can enter the dating world with:

• A belief that, “I don’t need to validate my worth through dating or a man.”
• An unwavering foundation of “I am already loved.” 
• Biblical principles attached to practical real world realities.
• A heart that zings for the right kind of man and a commitment to looking for “the” one...and accepting nothing less.

"Kirsten is a very energetic, relatable, dynamic, and engaging speaker. She has a gift of being able to dynamically form the content of a presentation based on the audience's real time needs. The audience will leave the presentation with specific actionable steps that will help them to address and correct key issues they are experiencing in their environment. If you haven't seen Kirsten speak, sign up for her next event, you will not regret it."
~ Mike Kotsis

"Kirsten is a dynamic, creative leader & teacher who shows, in real world scenarios, how to deal with the drama. She is a remarkable resource. I highly recommend Kirsten's leadership series!"
~ Kevin Shell

"I applied two concepts I learned at Kirsten's workshop within 24 hours of attending - one related to coaching and discipline, and one related to goal setting and getting traction on strategic initiatives. Kirsten has a way of presenting simple step by step solutions that pave the way to resolve messy leadership, management and HR issues. And she has some great real life examples."
~ Stacy McCalpin

"Kirsten presented the topic with an excellent balance of big picture insight with detailed suggestions. I would highly recommend her services." 
~ Anne Figueroa

"Kirsten has an amazing knack for knowing what your group needs to hear and delivering a message that is both educational and motivational! She custom designs her coaching down to the very last detail so that everything she does in regards to you and/or your business is direct, relevant and with purpose." 
~ Jamie Shaver
Kirsten Ross
Kirsten Ross, MLIR, SPHR
"Leader of One, Leader of Many, If you Can't Lead One You Can't Lead Any."
~ Anonymous ~
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